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About Us

Children’s Autism Assessment Center (CAAC) is dedicated to providing clients and their families the highest quality of care in diagnostic assessment.  CAAC provides tailored neurodevelopmental diagnostic evaluation assessing for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and develops individualized recommendations and resources.

We work with individuals of all ages. It is never too early to monitor a child's development and we can reliably diagnose autism as early as 12 months. If you are having concerns about your child's development, do not wait!

The Process- What to Expect

The assessment process is 3 steps. It starts with an intake appointment (1 hour) consisting of a semi-structured diagnostic interview. You can expect to be asked about your or your child's presenting presentation, as well as about your or your child's development, medical history, and academic. history. If you are a parent, the psychologist may also ask to observe or speak with your child during this appointment.

After intake, the psychologist creates an individualized assessment plan and typically schedules you to return on another day for testing. Testing typically includes the use of standardized assessment measures (e.g., ADOS-2) aimed to gather information regarding a person’s behavioral and developmental functioning and may consist of interviews, structured or unstructured observations, self- parent- and/or teacher rating measures, and structured testing.

Following testing, a follow-up session is scheduled and you will receive your or your child’s report. Our goal for this session and throughout the assessment process is to ensure that clients and their families feel supported whether they are first receiving a diagnosis or need updated resources and recommendations. CAAC is committed to helping individuals and families understand themselves or their child’s presentation.

To schedule an intake, please call us or complete the inquiry form provided on the Contact page.